Day 362: Mill Ends Park- World’s Smallest Park

I am constantly amazed at all of the things the Portland has been recognized for during its existence as a city.  We employed the first female police officer, we have the second largest copper statue, and who would have known, but we are also home to the WORLD’S smallest park.  In fact, it’s so small that you might not notice it at all.  Head into downtown Portland, for a gaze at Mill Ends Park.

The legend of the park tells of a man named Dick Fagan. He returned from World War II in 1946 to write for the Oregon Journal. Each day he would peer out of his office window at a chunk of concrete reserved for a light pole installation.  When the light pole never arrived,  in its place weeds began to grow. Not appreciating the weeds, Fagan decided to transform the fixture into a flower bed for all to enjoy. 

Fagan told folktales of a leprechaun colony that occupied his little flowerpot, including a head leprechaun that only Fagan could see by the name of Patrick O’Toole.  He went on to include these tales, and O’Toole, in many of his writings.  In honor of the stories of leprechaun park,  Mill Ends Park was named and dubbed an official park on St. Patrick’s Day in 1976. It was made in honor of Fegan who passed away in 1969.  

The park is located in the median strip of SW Natio Parkway and Taylor Street and serves as a monument for several Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations.  

Check out Mill Ends Park, and then you too can say that you’ve witnessed the smallest park in the world.

Neighborhood: Southwest Portland
Southwest Natio Parkway
Portland, OR 97204
Click for map 

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