Day 364: Open Mic Nights

It’s our second to last day, Portland! Can you believe it?  I don’t know about you, but all this rain is making me want to sing the blues.   What better thing to do on any given night, than head out to some of Portland’s finest establishments, and try your luck at the various open mic nights!  Join me Portland, and sing the blues!

Alberta Street Public House:

We’ve featured businesses on Alberta Street numerous times, the street has so much livelihood and character!  And the Public House is no different.  Great food, a good vibe, and an even better Wednesday night! Wednesdays are mic nights at the House, every Wednesday at 7:30!  If you love to sing, then come here to belt your heart out. If not, I can guarantee that the entertainment will be enough to satisfy.  Their happy hour here is amazing- $1 off wells and micros, and $3 food M-F from 5-7:45. Check them out!

1036 Northeast Alberta Street
Portland, OR 97211
(503) 284-7665
click for map

Slim’s Restaurant and Lounge:

Check out mic nights at Slim’s on Tuesday nights!  Come down and play a set for an awesome audience!  If you don’t play, sing along, and enjoy the great Portland talent!  The beer is flowing and the food is tasty!  Slims is one of my favorites for a night of entertainment!

8635 N Lombard St
Portland, Oregon 97203
(503) 286-3854
click for map
Buffalo Gap:

Buffalo Gap is another 365 favorite- we’ve featured it alright for its live music scene!  But, they don’t just have professionals come in and play; Anyone can play here, Tuesday nights!  Every Tuesday in the attic, bring your friends and enjoy the unpredictable atmosphere! Anything can happen on Open mic night!  Audience gets to pick the favorite, so come on down and try your luck.  Best part about this Open Mic?  There’s a $50 prize for the winner!

6835 Southwest Macadam Avenue
Portland, OR 97219-2313
(503) 244-7111
click for map

There’s so much to do in our beautiful city, why not try it all?  It’s time to step our of our comfort zones and try new things, there are so many opportunities that Portland has to offer, it’s just up to us to live a little and experience them.  Start today, 365ers! Cheers!


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