Day 365!!: Nike, Inc.

Well, today is a very bitter-sweet day for 365:  We have reached our final day of our year together; capturing all of the great things that Portland is known for.  On our final day, we wanted to suggest something, maybe THE thing, that we have, that no one else does.  It’s a symbol known worldwide, and something our rainy town can be proud of: NIKE.  Nike is the world’s largest sporting goods company, a symbol, a brand, a lifestyle, and something near and dear to Oregonians because the World Nike Campus is right here in the Portland suburb of Beaverton.  We’d like to celebrate this year with you, and thank you for all of your support this year.  Cheers to our final post of the year, read it… c’mon, just do it.

The company was started in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, and officially took on the name Nike is 1978.  Nike is the Greek goddess of victory, a symbol synonymous with this famous brand.  The signature Nike “swoosh” was created in 1971 by Portland State student Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design major, who provided Phil Knight with freelance work at $2 per hour.

Today, Nike employs over 30,000 people worldwide, and effects millions more than that. Not only has it become a staple in the athletic community, but in the Oregon community as well, both for it’s rooted history and its symbolism.

I’m a HUGE Nike fan.  I love the marketing, I love the look of the gear, and I love the fact that Portland is a name known all over the world for our attachment to this brand.  

If you’ve never gone and visited the Nike Campus or the downtown NikeTown, I will suggest you include it in your places to see before you are ever truly considered a Portlander.  I attended the BCS Football Championship game in Arizona this year and I can’t tell you how excited I was to see a Nike billboard with an Oregon Ducks football player.  There’s just a certain feel about how Nike portrays a message, and I can say it made me extra proud to be an Oregonian.

The original Nike World Headquarters officially opened its doors in June 1990. By 2001, the original campus had doubled in size with the addition of six more buildings. Today, there are 17 buildings named for legendary athletes. All together, the buildings on campus total slightly more than 2 million square feet or just about 35 football fields.  The main entry to Nike World Campus is at One Bowerman Drive, honoring legendary University of Oregon, Olympic Track and Field coach and Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman. In addition to the 193-acre campus near Beaverton, Portland is also home to the first Niketown, also opening in 1990. 

When you walk into Niketown, you’ll be amazed by the innovation, construction, and the great service!  Whether you’re looking for shoes, athletic equipment, or that perfect training outfit, all designed to make you feel like a champion.  There’s so much culture here that even if you aren’t in the market for sporting goods, taking a stroll through the store is well worth the trip.  

There are too many unforgettable sporting memories attached to this majestic brand, and as a true Oregonian, I’m proud to have such a world-renowned entity, right in our very backyard. 

Nike Campus:
1 Bowerman Drive
 Beaverton, OR
 (503) 629-3354 ‎
Click for a map
Downtown NikeTown:
930 SW 6th Ave
Portland, OR 97204
Click for map 


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2 responses to “Day 365!!: Nike, Inc.

  1. PW

    I would love to go, but…

    I once heard that the public can visit the cafe at the Beaverton campus, but then searched and searched for information about it and everyone seemed to agree that it’s all completely closed to the public.

    How does one “visit” the Nike Campus? Just ask the guards at the entrance or is there a way…?

    • There are running trails around the nike campus that are free to the public. You cannot technically go inside and scope the place out without being a guest of an employee, we’re pretty sure…?

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